Pilates Pride

Classic Pilates Oceanside is dedicated to teaching authentic Pilates.
In addition to the classical Pilates studio there is a separate, functional training gym.

Over 15-years ago Ethan was an avid cyclist. One day he realized he could no longer touch his toes. Reluctantly he was dragged to a yoga class by his girlfriend and it was an unbearable 45-minutes. He knew he needed flexibility training, but there had to be another way. On a whim Ethan decided to take a Pilates mat class and the intrigue began.

Things evolved overtime and Ethan learned that Pilates had many more benefits than just flexibility training. His posture improved to the point where one day while standing on the subway platform he caught himself in Pilates stance with his hands behind his back. He was standing like a solider, a dedicated member of the Pilates militia. With Ethan's corrected posture he was able to run better, meaning more efficiently and faster with less discomfort. What surprised Ethan the most was that his bench press at the gym increased; he was able to recruit stabilizing muscles in his back and core to elevate his lift.

In short, Ethan does not believe Pilates has to be the only exercise one participates in as he knows it will greatly improve whatever activities one is doing. Pilates is meant for longevity, as your interests and activities change, Pilates will always help you do them to the best of your ability.


There are many benefits to learning the Pilates Method. Pilates was developed for longevity and to help you do everything in your life with more ease. Here are some of the ways that Pilates and working with Ethan can help you.


Get Stronger

Increase core strength and stability while also building muscles uniformly.


Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is needed to perform everyday activities with ease. Develop more range of motion and realize how much better you feel and move.


Improve Posture

Pilates is based on the spine and our structure. Good posture facilitates breathing, increases concentration and thinking abilities, improves your image and self-confidence, and helps to avoid health complications.


Improve Balance

Balance benefits neuromuscular coordination and helps with muscle isolation. Your body has to work harder to stabilize by engaging the core.


Prevent Injury

Pilates incorporates core stabilization, proper muscle activation and sequencing, and flexibility thus aiding in injury prevention.


Reduce Pain

Pilates is often used as post-injury and/or post-surgery exercise. If you have injuries, suffer from chronic pain, and/or are rehabilitating, Pilates will help.


Gain Body Awareness

The focused and centered work of Pilates raises one’s concentration and body awareness. In addition to maintaining good posture and an engaged core throughout the day you will breath properly and consistently.

An Authentic and Classical Studio

There is only one type of Pilates


The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning

The Pilates Method was created by Joseph Pilates and called Contrology because he believed quality movements were only achieved by “gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body”. To him there was no separation between the body and the mind. His philosophy was that “our muscles should obey our will” and his method was about the “complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”.

Joseph Pilates created a systematic method for both the mat and reformer. His repertoire involves a dynamic warm-up of the body that focuses on alignment, breathing, and coordination. The workout targets the “powerhouse” or trunk/core region and then progresses outwards to the extremities when stability can be maintained.

The Pilates Method is guided by these six principles:

  • Control – the mind’s will over the body so we’re always moving with complete control.
  • Centering – working from the powerhouse, being aware of alignment, and activating abdominals.
  • Concentration – the mind’s full attention and awareness of the entire body.
  • Precision – deliberate and purposeful movements, always moving with clarity.
  • Breath – this keeps the mind and body focused and energized, it also cleanses the body.
  • Flow – seamless transitions and smooth movements aiming for efficiency and fluidity between exercises.

A Functional Training Gym

Work smarter, not harder


Ethan has experience with various methods of strength training from hypertrophy, endurance, and/or power lifting. Each type of training has its own options of program formatting from push/pull, full body, circuit, HIIT, 1RM days, etc. Depending on one’s goals Ethan can customize a unique strength training program.

The glue that holds all of these various methods together is functional weight training. It can be as simple as incorporating push-ups, pull-ups, and squats on chest, back, and leg days respectively for the traditional weight trainer. However, there are countless ways to program functional training into regular resistance training.

The benefits to using functional training are similar to Pilates. Functional training can build strength without compromising range of motion and can improve one’s daily activities. Whatever one’s goals Ethan will incorporate some form of functional training and/or Pilates work into their program to help core strength, posture, flexibility, balance, and to prevent injury.

The trainer with the most toys wins 😉

It is absolutely 100% possible to have a full-body, intense, and effective workout with just a few toys. Ethan is creative and loves the challenge of having to use as little equipment as possible in the smallest of spaces. He never disappoints.

Here is an example of some of the gear available in his home gym:

  • Free weights/dumbbells
  • Olympic weights/bars
  • Landmine bar
  • TRX
  • BOSU
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine balls including slam balls
  • Battle Ropes
  • Resistance bands and tubing
  • Glide disks
  • Boxing gloves and focus mitts